Fiercely embracing mindful living strategies with intention, integrity and inspiration to enhance professional outcomes.

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the tierce workshop: Introduction to Grounding Practises for Enhanced Communication. Laura established a warm, welcoming group culture – a safe space for open reflection and dialogue about our personal communication habits and experiences, which allowed us to learn from her expertise, as well as each other. I came away from the workshop with a number of concrete tools and techniques to help me to communicate more intentionally, and I have applied them with success in both professional and personal interactions. I would highly recommend this workshop from tierce for anyone seeking unique insights and techniques to help them communicate more effectively.

~ Kelly R.
Government of Ontario

I recently completed the tierce multiweek Grounding Practises for Enhanced Communication. Having done traditional studio yoga off and on for 20yrs, the tierce experience was something new. What struck me early on, was the implementation of both yoga practice techniques coupled with a deep dive into personal communication habits. On paper, these might seem like two different classes, yet in practice, it was a unique union of both inner mental reflection and outer physical exertion. Laura created an experience with the first segment as an exploration of personal awareness and communication that neatly dovetailed into the physical practice to follow. In retrospect, this was not just another online “Zoom” class but an opportunity to explore the inner and outer to come away with useful communication techniques to apply in both personal and professional relationships. I highly recommend and would enroll again for future programs.

~ John W.
Financial Adviser

The tierce Grounding Practises for Enhanced Communication has given me some incredible tools both in physical movement and communication techniques. Laura’s grounded and accessible teaching style made the course engaging and fun, and she offered realistic steps to begin implementing new skills into my everyday life right away.

~ Molly K.
Marketing Professional

Tierce’s unique approach to communication through grounding practices has proven to be highly effective when engaging in difficult conversations. The heightened awareness of my cognitive and physical response has helped me to stay focussed on intent and desired outcomes and not be derailed by emotions.

~ L. Smith

I recently had the privilege of participating in the Grounding Practices to Enhance Communication group through tierce, led by Ms. Laura Kennedy.

I commenced the group with some trepidation. Armed with little knowledge of what to expect and as one who has explored many options to enhance wellness and peace, the practices of yoga and meditation, as well as the concepts of cognitive restructuring and mindfulness were not unfamiliar to me. In the past, I often found participation would serve to deliver a feeling of peace in the moment of practice, to enhance a sense of well being and encourage physical wellness in a somewhat compartmentalized manner.

In the Grounding Practices program, Ms. Kennedy lead the small group of diverse souls through a series of exercises that were truly unique and holistic in nature. The practices that felt familiar on the surface, were underpinned with spiritual connection and something deeper, more concrete and practical, as we grounded practical communication concepts with yoga and meditation.

Ms. Kennedy was an approachable and enjoyable facilitator of a journey of self discovery and some surprising revelations unfolded as we were encouraged to reflect on our communication styles and mindsets. Between sessions, the practices were cemented in my every day interactions.

These practices have an ongoing positive impact on the effectiveness of my communication skills in both professional and personal settings. What an enjoyable and enlightening experience this was. I highly recommend this program to anyone considering participating.

~ Kim L.
Parole Officer

Participating in the tierce workshop with Laura has significantly enriched and refined all areas of my yoga and mindfulness practice. My posture, my strength, and my flexibility have all improved. My mind and heart are more grounded, clearer, and more adaptable. Laura is so profoundly insightful and tremendously generous. I am more empowered, specific and, frankly, happier from working with her.”

~ M. K.